Friday, March 22, 2019

What's Happening in the Classroom?
We will be reviewing for the NYS ELA test the week of 3/25- 3/29 so there will be no reading or spelling test that week.  This review is beneficial even if your child is opting out of testing.
We hope you enjoyed reading your child's personal narrative that came home recently.  Our next writing project is a persuasive letter written to parents about getting an exotic pet.  Each writing assignment has many parts: brainstorming, organizing, drafts, and editing.  The students work hard on these and they usually take several weeks to complete.
We will be working on the following concepts: graphs, area and perimeter, and geometry. We will also be reviewing for the NYS Math test in May.  Students should be studying their multiplication/division facts at home daily to help them prepare.

April Calendar
4/2-4/3: NYS ELA testing- your child should come well prepared with a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast
4/5: Me and My Guy Dance
4/10: Mass at 9:40
4/18-26: Easter Break
May Calendar
5/1-5/2: NYS Math test
5/3: Progress Reports (as needed)
5/15: Mass at 9:40 (May Crowning; students will wear their First Communion clothes)
5/23: Family Reading Night at DeSales
5/24-5/27: No School for Memorial Day
5/30: Mass

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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What's Happening in the Classroom?
ELA: We are currently working on personal narratives.  Each student is writing about something that has happened in his/her life.  We will also be writing about a famous American for Black History Month.  Remember to use Spelling City to practice the spelling and vocabulary words.
Math: We are finishing up our multiplication/division chapters and will be doing fractions and measurement. On Feb 8th we will be having a special STREAM afternoon with the 2nd and 3rd grades.  Each teacher will plan an activity and the students will rotate from classroom to classroom to complete the activities. 

Important Dates:
Feb 1-2: school musical
Feb 5: BPO field trip
Feb 13: Generation Celebration Mass
Feb 14: Valentine party
Feb 18-22: Winter Break

Remember to send your child with appropriate outdoor clothing for recess. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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We hope the holidays have been joyous for all of our families.  

What's Happening in our Classroom: 
In Math we have been working hard to understand multiplication and division.  Please continue to practice multiplication facts and check the homework before sending it back to school.

In Reading we are working on comprehension through inferencing, cause and effect, and story elements. Some of our grammar focuses will be verb tenses and use of commas.

Reminder: Spelling City is a great way to study spelling and vocabulary and a link can be found on this site.
Image result for snowflakePlease remember mittens, hats, snow pants, coats, and boots everyday. 

Important dates:
1/2/2019- School resumes
1/8/19- In school field trip with Reinstein Woods: Animal Tracks
1/9/19- Mass
1/11/19- First reading/spelling test of the new year
1/21/19- MLK Day- no school
1/25/19- Progress Reports issued
1/27-2/2- Catholic Schools Week
2/1-2/2- School Musical

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Related image Important Dates: 
Nov. 12th- no school
         13th- Field Trip- send a bag lunch
         21-23- no school- Happy Thanksgiving!
         30th- end of marking period

The students have been busy!  We have started learning multiplication and they will need to work hard at home to learn their multiplication facts as that is one area the 4th grade teachers feel needs the most improvement. 
Continue to save the practice and grammar sheets to study for Reading tests.  They have all the concepts that are on the test.
Please send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather.  It is getting colder and we try to get out everyday to enjoy the exercise and fresh air. 

Thank you for all of your support!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Image result for back to school nightTonight, Sept 20th is Back to School Night at 6:00.  Please meet in the gym for a short welcome from our principal.

Important Dates Ahead:
9//25/18- Picture Day- Students may dress down (or up!)
9/26/18 Mass at 9:40- all are welcome
9/28/18 - Staff Development Day- no students 
10/5/18- Mass
10/8/18- No School- Columbus Day
10/9/18- Staff Development Day- no students
10/16/18- Fire Prevention Day
10/19/18- Parent/Teacher conferences- early dismissal
10/19/18- Progress Reports
10/24/18- Mass at 9:40

We have spelling and reading tests the last day of each week.  Please have students study spelling words, grammar, and practice sheets to be ready. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Welcome to our Grade 3 blog by Mrs. Crofts and Mrs. Andrzejak. Please check this link frequently for upcoming events and news about activities in our classroom.  You can also check out our profiles to learn more about each of us. 

We are so excited to start the 2018/2019 school year and we are looking forward to meeting our classes at the Opening Picnic on August 29th.  Until then, enjoy the summer and spend some time with a good book!